About Us


Parace Bionics, LLC is a New York based biomedical company, with branches in Asia and Caribbean. The company aims to create innovative solutions to address a group of diseases that claim the lives of millions of patients worldwide and afflict countless more. We intend to bring affordable, life saving medical devices and (therapies) to patients all around the world.


Within the last century there have been many advances in medicine. Not so long ago bacteria and viruses claimed countless lives until the discoveries of scientist like Fleming and Salk. Antibiotics and antiseptics were major breakthrough in the practice of medicine, putting a halt to the toll many diseases took on human lives. Despite these advances many patients are succumbing to other ailments that destroy their lungs, liver, heart and kidneys. Transplantation remains the most viable option when patients suffer from end organ failure. We are currently developing technologies that will painlessly monitor blood sugar levels and offer an alternative approach to pump blood throughout the circulatory system using minimally invasive means. We envision of a time when end organ failure will be relegated to history.


The adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, ascribed to the Greek philosopher Plato, is a mantra that motivates us. We are driven to invent because cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease and the complications associated with aging continue to be leading causes of morbidity and mortality around the world. Unlike technological breakthroughs that have allowed mankind to enter the realms of outer space, medical technologies and innovations have lagged behind in our biological inner space. We are therefore motivated to make technical advances where others have overlooked or deprioritized. Though our present focus is on cardiovascular and circulatory system, we are motivated to address other diseases such as oncological and hematological conditions.


Parace Bionics began its quest in 2004 with the primary objective of discovering and patenting innovative bioengineering solutions, to meet the needs of people suffering from cardiovascular disease and other life threatening and debilitating conditions. After more than a decade of research in partnership with a U.S. university, we have made great strides in the development of unique innovative, non-invasive and minimally invasive cardiac products that will enable us to diagnose and mitigate the deleterious effects of diabetes and heart failure respectively.

The Ekoscope™ is our flagship FDA approved device, designed to aid the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias and their associated disease states by digitally processing heart sounds and ECG data in under one minute.

We have also pioneered the development of a minimally invasive LVAD & a total artificial heart (TAH) using a benchmark technology that has unique power regenerating properties.

Additionally, we are developing a cost-effective solution for bed bound patients who are prone to decubitus ulcer and life threatening infections therefrom. The elderly and debilitated that are prone to skin damage will no longer suffer life-threatening complications therefrom.


The company’s President & Chairman is Carolyn Whatley, MD, MPH, SHM; a Harvard Medical School graduate; a clinical assistant professor with more than a decade long experience as a medical director/ leader in academia. Dr. Whatley is also an active member of the American Medical Association and American College of Physician Executives.


(1)Mr. V. B. O’Donoghue Carter, PA-C (“Van Carter”), is an alumnus of Long Island University, now Master of Science Physician Assistant/Associate Studies Program. “Van Carter” is a prolific inventor & clinician who spearhead the company’s R&D division and IP portfolio. As CEO & CTO, “ Van Carter” meticulously oversees the vision, inspiration, growth, and creativity of Parace Bionics, LLC and is supported by Mr. G. Jonathan Vargas, RN, who serves as CBO (Chief Business Officer). With more than 30 years of combined clinical experience, the Chairman & CBO guide the team of engineers, innovators & Industrial Designers, to develop a vast array of innovative products that are more sapiens, intuitive and competitive.

(2)Mr. Fernand A. De Los Reyes is Chief Operations Officer (COO) and currently serves as Director of Public Relations and Chief Regulatory Compliance Officer, with an accomplished track record collaborating with the FDA. Mr. De Los Reyes earned a Master of Science in Nursing Degree from the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing at the City University of New York (CUNY) with a specialty in Community and Public Health. His Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing was earned from the Dominican College of Blauvelt, NY. Previously, Mr. De Los Reyes earned a Master of Arts in International Relations from the International University of Japan (IUJ) and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (cum laude) from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. He also attended the University of Tokyo as a graduate research student with a Monbukagakusho scholarship from the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. His work history includes clinical experience in both acute and sub-acute care settings, banking and technology media coverage for a Japanese media firm. Mr. De Los Reyes also teaches nursing courses at the Ramsey and Hackensack campuses of Eastwick College in New Jersey.

(3)Mr. Gilbert Matibag, Esq., EVP., is a former Philippine Assistant Provincial Prosecutor and a former District Public Attorney. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from San Sebastian College Recoletos & Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. Mr. Matibag oversees the day-to-day operations/ management of Parace Bionics and is the global Director of Marketing and Licensing.